How does a structured settlement work?

How does a structured settlement work? Structured settlement payments arise when a personal injury plaintiff wins or settles a lawsuit. The individual takes the winning as a series of payments over some time. As a result, the defendant pays the settlement through an insurance company annuity. The resolution differs from the lump-sum agreement for the … Read more

What is structured settlement?

What is structured settlement? A structured settlement is a negotiated insurance or financial agreement. It is between a plaintiff (the claimant) and the defendant (fault party). The claimant resolves a personal injury tort claim by receiving a settlement. As a result, the fault party agrees to fund a structured settlement. The plaintiff will receive periodic … Read more

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Purchasing structured settlement by factoring companies from the individuals receiving the payments. They then turn around and sell these payment streams to investors Purchasing structured settlement often done by several companies that specialize in trading these payment streams. Individual receiving the payments trade them for a lump sum, and the company sell the payments stream … Read more