Structured Settlement Cash Out, is it worth it?

Structured Settlement Cash Out

Structured Settlement Cash Out

Structure settlement cash out is not something that should happen every day. Your structured settlement is supposed to provide a steady stream of income for you for the long term. Nonetheless, life does not always go the way we want it. There are desperate financial situations where you settle for the inevitable – structured settlement cash out. You may not be sure about the legalities involved and how to find potential buyers. Worry no more because you will find useful information regarding such issues here. In this guide, you will learn vital tips that can help you make this process seamless.


Structured Settlement Cash Out: Basics

Structured settlements are arrangements designed to support the long-term financial health of personal injury victims in a lawsuit. They are court-ordered agreements for the plaintiff to receive payments from the defendant across a period. The structure of these payments is such that the claimants will gradually withdraw the funds to cover their expenses. The arrangement prevents claimants from spending the money rapidly to become financially vulnerable. Such individuals will be able to invest the money to cater to their upkeeps for extended periods.

The 1980s saw the fame of structured settlements due to new tax regulations and laws in the US. According to these regulations, structured payments are tax-free. These payments remain non-taxable even when they accrue interests. Therefore, many see this arrangement as the most equitable and effective method of resolving personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Structured payments are beneficial to both parties. The plaintiff receives financial security from the payment. Meanwhile, the defendant has time to source the funds for the payments.

Note that structured settlements are not only for lawsuits involving personal injury and wrongful deaths. These kinds of settlements are also suitable for back pay settlements, punitive damages, divorce, and liquidation damages. In some cases, structured settlements are also used in lawsuits involving medical malpractices. There are strict measures to ensure that claimants of structured settlements do not find it easy to discard the arrangement. Nonetheless, if you prefer structured settlement cash out, it is not an impossible feat to achieve.


Structured Settlement Cash Out: Is it Worth It?

You have to be sure that selling your payments is the right thing for you now. If you have doubts, you should seek guidance from experts. You can also speak to members of your family that you can trust to evaluate the situation objectively. Indeed, there are critical financial needs where you have to get instant cash. Your structured settlements may not be able to cater to your needs during that period. Therefore, you may have to choose to cash out.

Some of the common reason people choose structured settlement cash out includes affording medical and educational bills. In some cases, some claimants sell their structured payments when they need to settle credit card debt. Before you conclude to settle for structured settlement cash out, you have to consider other alternative ways. You should do all you can to keep your structured payments. However, if you cannot find any other plausible option, you do not have to suffer in silence. You can go for structured settlement cash out to meet the need.

Note that you do not have to sell all your payments. Your need may not warrant you to let go of your right entirely. Hence, if you can meet the urgent need by getting a lump-cash for part of your payments, do not sell everything. Ensure that you are in charge of your emotions before you make this decision. You should not allow instant gratification to cost you a financially secure future. Structured settlement cash out should not be a decision that you will regret later in life. Do not let anyone put pressure on you to decide in a hurry. Whoever is hurrying you does not have your best interest at heart.


Structured Settlement Cash Out: Legalities

Structured Settlement Cash Out

There are different considerations regarding the sanctioning of structured settlement cash out. Nonetheless, it is legal to sell structured settlements. Regardless of whether it is from medical malpractice, personal injury, or other cases, structured settlement cash out is allowed. Nevertheless, you must be conversant with the legalities of the process. You should know your rights and privileges when processing structured settlement cash. It is also vital that you are aware of the regulations guiding the activities of buyers. When you have a good grasp of structured settlement laws, you will be able to make quality decisions.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, structured settlements received annually in the US are over $6 billion. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals want to exploit these people. They have abusive practices to lure structured settlement holders into selling their rights to them. State and federal policymakers regard structures settlement claimants as an extremely vulnerable population. Therefore, there are state and federal laws that protect such people. For example, you should be conversant with the Federal Structured Settlement Protection Act of 2002.

Structured settlement cash out regulations is unique in every state. For example, the 2015 Wisconsin Act 94 requires buyers to disclose the interest rate to the sellers. Meanwhile, in California, the company must advise the seller to seek legal counsel. The buyer must also pay the seller up to $1500 to take care of the fees for legal counsel. Intriguing, right? Therefore, it is in your best interest to find out about structured settlement cash out regulations in your state. You can speak to an attorney in your state to out you through the legalities of the process.


Structured Settlement Cash Out: Buyers

If your structured payments are no longer able to cater to your needs, you are not alone. You may have requirements that need instant cash rather than structured payments. In such a situation, you do not have to wish that you can turn the hands of time. You do not have to regret your current plan and wish you would have gone for a once and all settlement. By contacting structured settlement purchasers, you can get structured settlement cash out. Structured settlement buyers are factoring companies. These companies offer a lump sum in return for the right to structured settlement payments.

The structured settlement became inevitable due to the increase in the number of people who want structured settlement cash out. Note that there are many structured settlement companies out there. However, you cannot afford to trust every organization that puts up an ad to offer you structured settlement cash out. Some buyers have a culture of exploiting sellers, and that is why you should know your rights. You cannot afford the frustration of offering your structured payments to the wrong factoring company.

There are red flags you must not ignore when choosing a factoring company. For example, buyers that have a high number of rejects should not be in your consideration. A high number of rejects show that the company has not been doing their homework well or is just desperate. So, you should not add yourself to the company’s list of unsuccessful applicants. You should also avoid an organization with a low rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A poor rating shows that you cannot vouch for the credibility of the organization.


Structured Settlement Cash Out: Sale Modalities

Structured Settlement Cash Out

A critical part of structured settlement cash out is researching the factoring company’s reputation. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance to avoid wasting your time and energy. You will still need to appear before a judge before the sale can go through. One of the things the judge will consider before approving the deal is the company’s reputation. If the organization has a record of cheating sellers, the judge will cancel the transaction. Meanwhile, you will have to wait for a while to get the court date. If the judge does not approve of the sale, you would have wasted a lot of time.

Therefore, you should do your homework on a factoring organization before offering it your structured payments. It is also vital that you are conversant with the discount rate. After contacting a factoring company, you will get a structured settlement quote from its representative. You should ask for the company’s discount rate before you accept the offer. Some corrupt organizations have a culture of charging hidden fees. You will be able to know such companies by researching them before contacting them.

Ask the company’s representative for its discount rate if it is not in the quote. A structured settlement discount rate is not your regular discount. The discount rate in this industry determines the amount of structured settlement cash out you will get. A discount rate refers to how much the factoring company will deduct from the structured payment. So, a high discount rate implies that you will get less from the structured settlement cash out, and vice versa. The best contract is the one that offers the lowest discount rate.



Structured Settlement Cash Out: The Procedure

Structured settlement cash out does not have a specific timeline because it depends on various factors. The time frame depends heavily on the schedule of the hearing. Typically, the process often takes a few weeks. Nonetheless, the procedure of structured settlement cash is predictable. Below are the stages of the process from the beginning to the end.

Find a Factoring Company

Structured settlement cash out all begins by finding the right factoring company. Do your homework thoroughly on the company’s reputation before contacting its representative. The quality of the factoring company will affect the shamelessness of the process.

Obtain Structured Settlement Quotes

The next step is to get on the phone to contact a factoring company’s agent for a structured settlement quote. Note that you are not to pay for this request. Contact multiple buyers to increase your chances of finding the best offer.

Review and Accept Contract

After evaluating different offers, accept the best one. Remember that the company that offers you the lowest discount rate is your best option.

Submit and Finalize Documentation

The factoring company will give you forms to fill to proceed with the sale. Fill these forms and submit them on time to hasten the process.

Court and Insurer Approval

The last stage before you get a structured settlement cash out is court and insurer approval. You will get a court date when you will appear before a judge. If the judge approves the sale, the factoring company will contact the insurer regarding the transfer.

Payment Processing

After the insurer approves the sale, the factoring company will process structured settlement cash out. You will get your money once the company completes the processing. With a reputable and credible factoring company, this process is fast and effortless.


Structured Settlement Cash Out: Best Factoring Companies

You need to be deliberate about your choice of a factoring company to get the best services. Do you want a customer-first factoring company? Any of the organizations below is a good fit:


Fairfield Funding

Fairfield Funding has a reputation for offering customized services to its teeming customers. You can trust this organization for the best discount rate and excellent customer services.


SenecaOne has a fantastic rating with the BBB, which shows its credibility in the industry. The company’s transparent dealing is the reason it has been around for over 17 years.

Stone Street Capital

This factoring company has been in the industry for over 25 years. So, you can count on its experience to help you navigate the process seamlessly. Stone Street Capital has a reputation for offering top-quality services, which explains its high BBB ranking.



Selling your structured payment is viable under the right conditions. Nonetheless, you should not be under pressure to sell your payments. Remember that selling your structured settlement demands that your sacrifice some parts of the total payments. No factoring company will offer you a zero discount. Therefore, you should take your time to think about the decision before you conclude. Selling structured payments is not a decision you should make devoid of professional guidance. Ensure that the sacrifice is worth it before you proceed.


Selling My Structured Settlement


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