Selling settlement When Life does not wait for Your Settlement

Selling Settlements for cash now. You may sell some of your payments, a portion of every payment, or your entire structured settlement.

selling settlement

Selling settlements? Thinking of how to sell your settlement payments? In this post, you will learn how to get cash for your structured settlement. These include key things to keep in mind when considering selling payments for cash now. Individuals who own structured settlements do may sell them for cash. The sale involves transferring rights to future settlement payments is exchanged for a lump sum now. You complete the sale through a factoring company that offers a lump sum. Therefore, the owner has offered cash payments in return for selling the regular settlement payments of the structured settlement.

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Selling settlement in five simple steps


Selling structured settlements for a lump can be complicated. But following this simple step-by-step process takes you closer to your cash out in no time. The process narrows down to research on the best factoring companies, comparing quotes and offers. Last, complete the sale with a reputable buyer and getting your lump sum right away.

You also need court approval; before you, they can complete the transaction.

A simple step in selling settlement:

  1. Do Your Homework, Research Buyers
  2. Consult a Representative, get a Quote
  3. Consider an Offer
  4. Complete Paperwork
  5. Get Approved and Receive Your Money

Court Approval: Extra Step for Structured Settlement Payments

How do you cash out a structured settlement?

loans for settlements

By cashing out a settlement annuity, you sell your right to receive the periodic payments due under the settlement agreement. Hence, the annuity buyer- a company that specializes in buying structured settlement later sells the same to investors buys the rights. In exchange, the annuity owner gets cash at a discounted rate, while the factoring company owners the right to these payments until they resell the same to a willing investor. Therefore, selling settlement from personal injury or other lawsuits as compensation is possible, but not always easy or wise.

For example,

your settlement pays $50000 per year. It sets the agreement to stream income for the next 20 years. But, after 10 years of payments, life changes, and you need cash right away, and you cannot wait for your next settlement payments as usual. In the process, you contact an annuity broker or factoring company with the intent to sell. So after following due process, the company under the agreements gets out $20,000 in cash now. In return, the factoring company gets your next two settlements from totaling to $100,000. After two years, when the factoring company receives the two payments, the annuity payments revert to you. Hence, you will receive payment for the next year and beyond.

Besides, you can also sell all of your settlement payments and transfer the full right to the structured settlement annuity payments.


How many is selling a Structured Settlement Cost?

The cost of selling the settlement varies depending upon how the original settlement was set up. Also, the company involved in managing the sale of the structured settlement influences the cost.  Remember, the structured settlement is unregulated, so you need due diligence to sell your structured settlement annuity payments.  Besides, you need to protect yourself against paying too high of a discount rate. The factoring company or your broker is out to make money. They will try to squeeze as much money out of your settlement sale as a discount.

This is the biggest financial decision you make in your lifetime. Therefore, it is recommended you understand the terms associated with the cost of selling your settlements. Besides, you will need to learn in deep the steps you should take to secure a fair price for a trustworthy purchasing company.


Selling settlement discount rate vs. an effective discount rate?

How do a discount rate and effective discount rate affect the sale of structured settlement costs? The discount rate in selling settlement means a percentage of the total lump sum deducted that goes to the factoring company for their services. Think of it as interest you pay on a car loan or credit card.

Be sure to ask the structured settlement buyer for the discount rate and the effective discount rate they consider. Though the company gives both terms, you are more likely to see only a discount rate in the quote.

Effective discount rate

The rate is deducted to cover legal and court fees, the commission owned to the brokers, and payments to your current investment company. It also includes any miscellaneous fees that may occur, such as administrative and processing.

However, the bulk of the cost of selling settlement is the discount rate, and it varies by company. On average, quotes can range from 7% to as high as 29%. Yet, expect factoring companies to offer a top discount rate in their initial quotes. The best, however, allows negotiation, especially factoring companies with in-house funding, rather than high-cost funding from banks and other institutions.

Research the current discount rate of selling structured settlement to fuel your negotiation with the factoring company. Always look to lower the discount rate. Also, get quotes from at least three companies to choose the best offer with a fair rate at or around 7 percent. A company offering a rate above 10 percent keeps shopping as it will drain your lump sum with the highly discounted rate.

How to calculate settlement sell discount rate?

Selling settlement

Calculating a discount rate can be daunting. For example, a company that offers a high-discount rate compared to one that offers a rate of 7 percent.

An annuity owner chooses factoring company X that offers a 25% discount rate. A structured settlement annuity is valued at $120k, with the owner paying out $30,000 and only getting $90k. But a company that offers a 7 percent discount rate, on the same settlement the discount rate sacrificed, would be $8,400 with a settlement amount of $111,600.

Therefore, a lower discount rate receives the owner more money, while higher rates reduce the last payments. In simple words, selling settlement should not focus on what you will receive in the settlement and the cost associated with the sale.


Steps to save more money when selling settlement



What step can you take to keep more money when selling your structured settlement? The following steps ensure you save the most money while receiving the best rates. Besides, you need the best services when selling your structured settlement, right?


Step 1: Understand Your Settlement


You will want to understand your current settlement in cash value. To achieve this, contact financial advisors who can work with to determine the current value. Read the structured settlement contract to ensure your right to the settlement is transferable. You need to see if there are any charges or fees; you may be responsible for paying back. Your current insurance company will charge surrender fees for establishing and holding your plan.

Step 2: Seek Independent Professional Advice


To sell structured settlement, you must seek independent professional advice in both the legal and financial aspects of the sale. You can seek the aid from either your attorney or financial advisor or preferably from a professional who specializes in selling structured settlements.


Thus, it may mean adding some cost, but in the long run, it will save you time, money, and heartache.


Step 2: Shop Around


Always shop around. This helps keep away structured settlement companies that advertise big payouts and offer too good to be true promises. Work with a trustworthy selling settlement company that will offer a fair discount rate. That is a company that has the client’s best interest in mind. Therefore:

  • Take your time with your selection,
  • Do your homework,
  • Get support from independent professional advisors when you need it.



Settlement Factoring Discount Rate Calculator


Because of the high cost of money, it is not an excellent idea to sell your structured settlement rights. More so without first exploring and exhausted all other options. However, if you go down selling the settlement route, you should try to get your lump sum with as little disruption as possible.

The enormous range in discount rates creates a concomitant effect on how much you can raise selling settlement. Remember, you are selling your structured settlement because you are stuck and need cash now. And you want to sell as little of your structured settlement payments right as possible. The cash will solve your unexpected financial problem or accomplish your cash flow goals.

You can find out how many do the cash now offer cost you in terms of the actual value of structured settlements. Therefore, to determine the discount rate, a factoring c0mpan is charging, use the annuity calculator.


You can then use the number to compare to other capital sources, such as banks borrowing, credit cards, home equity loans, or SBA loans rather than selling settlement. The calculator also helps you determine the best offer, as you seek several quotes from factoring companies. But, the structured settlement selling calculator works work with certain periods and guaranteed lump sum payments.


Factors for Calculating settlement Buyout


With a glance at your structured settlement, you can figure out the correct figures to plug into any annuity company calculator. Besides the factoring company sends a quote for your future payments, you need to find out the actual worth. As you plan to use the calculator, you must be exact with the numbers for your original contract. The calculator tests the time, interest, and long-term value of an annuity.

Thus, when you see the custom quote, you save time hunting for a buyer, and you can narrow down to the best. It also brings you much closer to selling settlement and completing the sale as you avoid any company offering a higher discount rate.

And reputable companies stand behind the amount you get used their calculator and will be much more willing to offer the same today, with a narrow negotiation gap.

Also, differentiate from selling a portion of your settlement and full transfer of the future right of the structured settlement as it affects your future value.

What affects your cash put value?


  1. Time: When are you scheduled to receive payments? Payments expected in five years versus twenty years have a unique value.
  2. Total: What’s the dollar amount of every payment? The size of each future payment affects the overall sum you can walk away with.
  3. Frequency: How often do you get payments? From monthly to annual installments, every annuity contract can be designed differently.

Factors not to consider with a structured settlement annuity calculator

While the annuity calculator gets you the best value for your settlement selling, it may not account for certain annuities features. Therefore, the calculator provides a quote using a basic formula based on a fixed variable.  Besides, for more complex contract specifications, like to add riders, seek more advice about the options.


Estimates using this calculator are not available for annuities with the following features:

  • Payments of varying amounts
  • Increasing payments
  • Payments that are not regular
  • Annuity Payments that include an interest rate change
  • Payments that include a cost-of-living change
  • Settlement Payments that end within the next five years

An annuity calculator for structured settlement may give you a number you dislike. That is OK. You can get the company representative to put together an offer.



Summary selling settlement


You can sell your settlement for cash now. However, you must decide how much money you need to determine if you sell all your annuities or portion of it. Most third party buyers of the annuity payments are standing by to make a killing out of your cash out. The above outline shows. Selling your annuity is a fairly straightforward process.

However, the amount of the lump sum you receive will depend on various factors. They include the amount of your annuity, your payment schedule, and the discount rate. And yes, riders can affect the amount of cash you receive when you sell your annuity. A “rider” is an amendment or change to your annuity.

If you sell your entire annuity contract, you won’t have to pay the monthly premiums.

Even if you receive a quote that seems tempting, to begin with, don’t immediately accept the first offer you get to cash out your annuity. Instead, be smart and shop around for several options to sell your annuity with total peace of mind. Last, selling settlement annuity payments could help your finances in the near term.




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