Sell my annuity payment The Smart Way to a Lump Sum

The Smart Way to a Lump Sum in 2020- Sell my annuity payment

Sell my annuity paymentSell My Annuity Payment could be the only solution to an array of your financial woes.  An annuity owner invests in the plan for financial stability. These could be retirement, income streams, or as a trust to secure their families’ futures.  But life changes and the annuity payments could be a short-term solution for long-term debt or unplanned expenses when life throws a curveball.

If the money by the annuity agreement is the only solution viable at the moment, selling should be initiated.  Thus, you can sell some or all of the annuity payments for an immediate lump sum. But, the need to sell annuity payments should be urgent and very important.

These could be to buy a new house, car payments, college tuition payment, and medical expenses.  Thus, an annuity cash out should be the only viable solution to avoid unnecessary debt.

However, understand the risk associated with transferring the right to future annuity payments.  Selling part or your entire annuity comes with a slew of transactional fees, interested fees, and others.  Besides, the cost of transferring the right to annuity payments depends on how early annuitants withdraw funds. Thus, the cost is low in the older annuity agreement. Also, it reduces the number of future payments as owner or hi beneficiaries receive.

Remember, an annuity is an insurance contract that creates an income stream. It is also purchased to draw payments against in retirement as a supplement to tax-advantaged or taxable saving accounts.  Yet, if you want to sell your annuity and get immediate cash (lump sum).

Read along to find out!


Why Sell Your Annuity?


Sell my annuity payment today! Your annuity payments have served their purpose up to today, but your financial situation has changed.   It would also help if you had a lump sum urgently; selling annuity payments can offer you the flexibility to invest your money strategically.  From paying off high-interest debt and raising your credit score as you cover a sudden, unexpected cost that cannot be deferred.

Thus, sell my annuity payment lets you transfer future repayments rights for immediate cash. So, responsible investors trading future payments should be the last resort.

Here are several reasons for selling your annuity payments.

Life-changing reasons to sell my annuities  Common reasons to sell my annuities


·         A lump sum to pay for education costs for you or your kids.

·         I am selling to pay off high-interest debt.

·         Unexpected life change, divorce, death of spouse causing an immediate need

·         You inherited an annuity and need money to cover burial or other final expenses.

·         To cover significant medical bills form a series of illnesses or injuries.

·         Lost your income source (job) and cannot and a new owner.

·         Is inflation shrinking the purchasing power of your annuity payments?

·         You are buying a home or renovating your property.

·         You need money to boost your business.

·         You are covering significant retirement travel plans with a cash cushion.

·         You are looking to invest the money in the stock market.

·         Your kids are getting married, or you are looking to buy them a home.


Besides, you may entirely have a different reason or wanting to sell your annuity payments. Yet, the same results in us: sell my annuity payment for a lump sum of cash.

One of the most significant benefits of selling an annuity is getting the money you need without;

  1. Taking out a 401(k) loan;
  2. Drain your IRA
  3. Or liquidate your savings account.

But, you will have to put up with a significant downside. So, selling reduces some or all of your future incomes from the annuity payment. Yet, this depends on how you choose to sell the periodic payments.


How to spend your money? Sell my annuity payment


how to purchasing settlementSell a specific need in mind should herald my annuity payment. Do not start the selling process without an actual need for a lump sum.

Besides, with money in your account, you cannot start deciding on what to do. You may find a variety of financial dilemmas that need addressing.

Thus, when a pressing debt or emergency cost demand a lump sum attention, sell your annuity might help. People discover the asset locked in the structured settlement or annuity offer a solution letting them move forward.

Why use your lump sum from annuity sale?


  • Invest a new life opportunity (a house, new car, or start a business);
  • Funda divorce;
  • Pay off a high-interest credit card and improve your credit score;
  • Pay off medical bills, pay for the funeral.
  • Pay off college tuition or clear your student loans.


So, the way you spend your money now has repercussions for future financial well-being. Thus, do not just sell your annuity payment for fun or without solid reasons. The best decision is to make sure that the sacrifice you decided to make giving up the long-term income benefits from the annuity money now pays off in the future.


How Selling Your Annuity for Cash Works-Selling Options Sell my annuity payment


Sell my annuity payment has several options. When selling your payments, you can sell the entire annuity, part, or part of it or a lump sum amount.  But before you sell, it is essential to seek financial counsel.

Also, during the consultation with the factoring settlement company, ask as many questions as possible. So, make sure you understand the selling process and take any suggestions.

Thus, it is essential to consult your attorney or accountant before deciding to see your annuity.  In fact, in some states, it is a legal requirement to get an attorney and annuity expert consult before you sell.

There three ways to sell your annuity payments: partial sale, a sale in its entirety, or lump sum sales.


Sell my annuity payment Here is how they compare:


Partial Annuity Sale

Entirety Purchase

Lump-Sum Sale

·         You sell payments from the annuity for a set period.

·         The option does not let you sacrifice all your annuity payments permanently.

·         You place your payment on hold (temporarily) in exchange for immediate cash.

·         Meet your current financial need and still get money from your annuity for retirement.

·         Once the hold period passes, you start receiving your steady stream of annuity payments for the remainder of the contract.


·         Sell the annuity payments for the full term of the contract.

·         You empty the entire investment for a lump sum of cash in hand.

·         You sacrifice all your future annuity payments from the annuity contract.

·         You enjoy an opportunity to invest or pay off debt using a lump sum.

·         The easiest way to sell your annuity, because there is no negotiating lump sum amount or a partial payment term.


·         Similar to the partial sale

·         The owner opts to sell a portion of the annuity payment (investment) in exchange for a lump sum.

·         The lump-sum sale option amount is specific.

·         You take some money off the future annuity income stream to cover urgent expenses now.

·         You can still receive payments from the annuity at a future date.

·         The option offers control over how much cash you need now and what is paid out form the annuity.

·         You get an exact dollar amount that you want to receive in cash.

·         Once the sale period passes, you start receiving your steady stream of annuity payments for the remainder of the contract.


An annuity owner with ten years contract needs money for a house renovation. He can sell the annuity payment for three years in exchange for a lump sum enough to cover the renovations. The annuity payments stop for three years. After three years, he will begin to receive his steady stream of annuity for the agreement reminder.


If you have enough money saved for your retirement, then you can sell your annuity payment entirety and enjoy financial goals now.

If your retirement saving started late, the partial sale could maintain your current cash flow and have something for your retirement.




If you need $50,000 to cover medical expenses, sell my annuity for a lump sum of that amount of benefits. You get the exact amount you need now in exchange for future annuity payments.

(Partial sale the payout amount may be less exact and depends on the number of payments you wish to forgo.)

Choose the right option depending on your current and future cash flow needs.

How to Sell Your Annuity Payments?

Sell my annuity payment for cash! 


Sell my paymentThe sale of an annuity is legal. But there are specific steps your need to take to do to correct. First, you need an experienced financial advisor on your side. It would be best if you talked to your annuity financial advisor about whether selling it is the best option.

Secondly, you will need to research on the best companies to trade the annuity for cash with.  You will find several factoring companies looking to buy your annuity payments or structured settlements.  However, you need, there are several factors you need to consider when comparing them. Besides, they include how much value they will give for your annuity. On average, you may receive 60 to 80 percent of what the annuity is worth cash.

But sometimes some companies offer more or less.

Take time to shop around to make sure that you get the best deal possible. You can also engage an annuity broker to find a reputable company that gives you quotes and estimates free of charge. Hitherto, a broker might get you the best deal possible but a fee.


Get the best annuity sale quote.


Once you get the best quotes, start the process of selling your annuity to the settlement company.  You will have to complete plenty of paperwork related to the sale and schedule a court date for a hearing.  As a result, some annuities payments need a state law court approval to sell the annuity? Besides, a superb settlement or factoring company will walk you through the hearing and even choose an attorney to represent you.

Therefore, if the hearing goes smoothly, the sell my annuity payment process ends with your receiving a lump sum.  You can then use the cash as you had planned.


Annuity Sale Caveats


Selling my annuity payment comes with a couple of cautions you need to keep in mind.

Tax consequences


You may face tax obligations for selling your annuity payments.  Besides, a tax-exempt structured settlement when you receive it. So, it may retain the tax advantage but under certain conditions when you sell it for annuity payments subject to ordinary income tax when you receive them in a lump sum, as would be the case with a guaranteed income annuity for retirement.  Besides, you will owe as much income tax on the cash as you would a regular distribution.

Payment for some settlement


If you received the structured settlement from a

  • divorce settlement,
  • or child support,
  • 401(k)
  • distributions
  • Veteran’s benefits,
  • Social security

Such payment cannot be sold for cash.


Sell my Annuity payment Sale Factors.


As you consider selling your annuity payments, it is decisive to consider all the factors that come along with the sale.  Besides, these factors affect the amount you get as the final trade.

These include:

  1. value of your annuity,
  2. discount rates
  3. Tax implications.

Discount rates


The factoring company does not pay the full amount the annuity is worth.  They accept your right to future payment at a cost known as the discount rate.  In exchange, you receive a lump sum upfront by selling your annuity at a discounted about based on the forecasted future interest rates.

The difference is called the discount rate.  Thus, when choosing the right annuity buyer, make sure you ask everything about their discount rate. Besides, the lower the discount rate, the money you get. On the other hand, a higher discount rate leaves the buyer more money. You need every dollar you can squeeze out of annuity payments into your lump-sum payout.

Annuity value


Besides the discount rate, your annuity sale value is subject to how much you wish to sell and the current economic conditions. Also, how much the factoring company is willing to buy it for, fees, and charges you annuity carries and frequency of periodic payments affect the actual value.


Bottom line


Sell my annuity payment offers money at hand quickly. But the sale process can be complicated at times.  As you plan to sell, look at the immediate benefits of selling versus the long-term implications of trading off future income. Therefore, research what your annuity is worth and how much cash you need to help with your financial goals decision making.


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