Companies That Buy Structured Settlements

Companies that buy structured settlements

Companies that buy structured settlements

Are you looking to sell settlement payment rights? Look for companies that buy structured settlement in your state. There are tons of companies in the US that buy structured settlement payments. All you need to do is reach out to a few with intent to sell. Soon you will find several companies you feel are best and review their quotes. Friendly customer support is the first sign of a good company.  Narrow down to 3 to 4 structured settlement company quotes and offers and kick start the sale process. Please keep reading for Companies that buy structured settlements.

The buyer works with you in gathering the data and information on your structured settlement. Soon after, the company receives your payment details; you will receive a quote detailing the prices of your payments. Review each sale quotes prudently, paying close to the charges as well as the discount rate. You can seek financial advice from an expert before you move forward with the sale.


When satisfied with the quote specifics, you can proceed with the next step. It is at this point that you sign an agreement with the buyer and begin the exchange. At this stage, you can ask for a cash advance before the actual sale succeeds.

A structured settlement payment sale needs legal approval by the state judge. You will attend the hearing with the structured settlement buyer and explain to a judge the decision to sell. In case you cannot show the need to sell the payments, the judge will decline the request. The judge needs to know you and your family will not suffer financial trouble after the sale. As soon as the judge approvals the sale, the buyer company forwards a transaction order to your insurance company. This initiates the actual exchange between the buyer company and your insurance company or the holder of the plan.

You will then receive lump-sum payments at a go less than the discount rate.


Insights to Companies that buy structured settlements

A structured settlement sale is complex and needs the best companies that buy structured settlements for a successful sale. How do you analyze structured settlement companies?


Here are a few tips.

Many companies buy structured settlements you can approach to sell your payments for a lump sum. For starters, find out the settlement company’s overall rating among past users. Find out which structured settlement company is the best for secondary markets.

In most cases, you will not find a definitive answer to the best companies that buy structured settlements. There are several factors you may consider:

  • How do the terms the company offers you compare with the terms offered by others?
  • How does the company treat you (friendliness, patience, and understanding)?
  • Do you have any reason to question or doubt the financial standing of the company?


Best Structured Settlement Companies 2020

Companies that buy structured settlements

In the next section, you can find top companies that buy structured settlements, and with the top 4 choices listed.

We base the list on a variety of factors which include:

  • costs
  • buyout options
  • customer experience
  • speed of transactions
  • company reputation

The four best Companies in the US include Stone Street Capital, Fairfield, J.G. Wentworth funding, and Peachtree Financial Solutions.

Think about this:

  • Seek legal counsel before you look for a structured settlement company
  • Get at least a few quotes and offers from several companies
  • Be ready to pay the cash advance if the buyout agreement falls through

In the next section, you will find out reviews of the top four companies that buy structured settlements described above. You will also find out information about structured settlement buyouts and detailed information about each of the top company picks.


  1. Fairfield Funding

Fairfield Funding Company offers exceptional customer services resulting in much-rated customer service. It is one of the best firms in America, offering no-interest advances. Fairfield is a smaller firm that is leading into individualized customer experience.

The employees of Fairfield funding are all financial professionals, boosting the reputation for being downright upfront about structured settlement fees.


  1. J.G. Wentworth

The firm tops the list of companies that buy structured settlements in the country. It uses a more flexible approach and offers multiple options for buyouts. You can also make use of a wide range of financial products such as annuities and mortgages. The company guarantees the best prices in the market.

You would love to transact with a company that has funded more than $10 billion in settlement payments to date.


  1. Peachtree Financial Solutions

The company provides top-notch online information, easy to understand, for individualized plans. Peachtree Financial Solutions firm funds other companies that buy structured settlements and still considers direct buyout. The company offers a large amount of information beneficial to newbies looking to sell structured settlement payments. You can find this information on their website. It is also highly rated on the third party reviews site by past users.


  1. Stone Street Capital

Stone Street Capital boosts on exceptional experience, reputable management, and customized quotation. It is one of the largest and oldest companies that buy structured settlements in the US. The company has over h 25 years of business experience and the first company to offer structured settlement buyouts.


Types of structured settlement companies

Companies that buy structured settlements


What types of structured settlement companies are there? Think about it. In every financial sector, various players aid the process. Regards to the structured settlement payment sale, there are two types.


Brokers connect prospect sellers with companies that buy structured settlements. They are also known as an annuity broker. These are professionals with specific training in structured settlements. The broker will connect you to a buyer company and help you navigate the entire process at a fee.


Direct-funded Companies

A direct funded company is a well-set enterprise that has its sources of capital. Structured settlement payments sale are worth millions. Sometimes, no company can raise such an amount of money at a go. So, some companies that buy structured settlements rely on loans to fund their purchase. A direct funded company is free to decide on the transaction. You are likely to get a better offer working with direct funded companies that buy structured settlements. Avoid companies that use third party investors to guarantee funding that can lead to delays.

Which is better between a structured settlement company, a broker, or a direct-funded firm? Shop around for the service that works best for your situation.


Tips for a Wise Structured Settlement Buyer


What is a structured settlement?

A legal settlement arises from a tax-free payment from an annuity to the plaintiff’s overtime. Instead of receiving periodic payments, you can choose a lump-sum amount. The option available through companies that buy structured settlements in parts or the entire contract.

You will receive cash upfront at a discount rate to the actual total worth of structured settlement. The process includes a service fee deducted from the advance payout. So weigh whether the cost of selling all or part of your payments is beneficial. Or would you rather wait for the scheduled payments?


A structured settlement is ideal for ongoing income as set by the court. The plaintiff may prefer a lump-sum payment. Use the amount can settle the pending bill, pay medical expenses, or make home modifications.  Most people prefer selling a structured settlement to invest the money in a more profitable enterprise. Most people prefer investing in stocks, gold IRA, real estate, and other finical instruments. Companies that buy structured settlements swap out the periodic payments to a fixed-income.

Before seeking any of the above company services, meet with a legal and financial expert. You will learn more about sales implications. Selling your compensation is not always the best option in most cases. The process involves a lot of legal consequences and tax-related arguments, thus the need to work with the experts.

You need to know of other entities with legal access to the funds from the sale. For example, the insurance company that paid your medical bills for the injuries leading to the settlement. The company will seek reimbursement after the proceeds award by the court. Such a situation would stop the sale right away.


What is the purchase price?

As you choose a company that buys structured settlements, you need to review structured settlement fees for each company. Shop around for the best prices for your payment sale, considering the lowest costs.

The fees eat up on the total payment, with the buyer company deducting those charges from your sale. Policies differ from buyer to buyer, so expect varying situations between companies. Some ask for high fees while others run a zero fee process. Depends on the initial sale plan, most settlement sales attract surrender fees.

Surrender charges imposed by the company that holds and owns the structured payments. The costs imply when selling or transferring your structured settlement to another company. The company imposes the burdens to recoup the funds spent in creating the structured settlement plan. Others include:

  • Court fees: A structured settlement is a legally binding agreement where all parties involved must appear before a court of law. The legal burden falls on the seller during the approval process. Some buyer company agrees to cover the court fees while others do not.
  • Broker fee: Using a broker to actualize the sale attracts charges too. The buyout company may be a financial instruments broker connecting to the actual buyer. Either way, the cost comes out of your deal.
  • Administrative fee: You will cover all costs associated with filing paperwork, recording documents, surrender fees, and other charges considered administrative expenses. They deduct these costs from the sale amount, and you do not have to pay upfront.


What is the discount rate?

Structured settlement sales involve a discount rate. The sale offering varies between companies. Companies that buy structured settlements need to make a profit out of the purchase. Many factors go into determining how much a structured settlement company will pay you.

It bases the payout calculation on a discount rate, a percentage of the total settlement amount. The discount rates range from 7% to 29%, but very negotiable, depending on the company. A superb buyer gives you a fair price. It adds to the discount rate, fees, and other costs linked to the agreement.


For example, if you have a $100,000 worth of structured settlement, Buyer Company may offer a 20% discount rate. It means you will receive 20% less than the actual value of your agreement, which, in this case, is $80,000. A lower discount rate means more money on your side. Negotiate for a smaller discount to receive more money after the sale.

  • Understand the rate: Structured settlement discount rate is the focus of every sale. Not comfortable with financial formulas, bring an advisor or a friend with you for the negotiation. You might get confused by the quotes and rates explanation. But with the aid of a good account executive at the company, everything will be smooth. You need a better understanding of the transaction with your settlement. For starters, find out the standard discount rate in your state. Also, know the highest quote or if the buyer company is taking advantage of you.
  • Negotiate the rate: yes, negotiate for a better price. As you review companies that buy structured settlement quotes, feel comfortable negotiating a better rate with each buyer. Base your negotiation on the standard rates. Keep in mind the purchaser will push to get the highest discount as you sell for the lowest.
  • Shop around: The discount rate is the key to any structured settlement sale. The features vary from company to company and from state to state. Be sure to shop around for the lowest discount rate. Keep as much of your total structured settlement money as possible through lower fees and rates.


Bottom Line:

In the quest to find the best companies that buy structured settlements, think of the above tips. Start by getting multiple buyout quotes from the many structured settlement companies around. Consider enlisting the help of a financial and legal professional as the quotes and offers come along. Find someone with plenty of experience working with companies that buy structured settlements.

A company with excellent customer service will reduce fear and stress related to the transaction. Which can achieve this through superb customer service hours, online chats, and dedicated representatives?

Avoid companies with high numbers of denials, low dollars purchased, history of bankruptcy, and negative customer reviews. Compare the top picks above for the best companies that buy structured settlements to find a deal. Find the best deal offering you a lump-sum payment without losing much of the money.


Structured Settlement Cash Out, is it worth it?






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