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Client First Settlement Funding

Client First Settlement Funding buys and sells structured settlement. If you have structured settlement or annuity payments and need a lump sum, you can access your funds through the financial services company. The company buys and sells settlement payments and lottery winnings. It connects structured settlement beneficiaries and investors on the secondary market. In case of unforeseen financial responsibilities calling for a lump sum, you can exchange your monthly, quarterly annual payments.

For example, you may need to buy a new home, pay off debt, or finance your education, or even start a new business. Such financial obligation can only be met through a vast sum of money.  The need to sell your structured settlement must exceed its primary benefits. An annuity payment provides the plaintiff or lottery winner with an income stream over a certain period, usually years. Selling your payment must raise enough cash to fund a substantial financial need is possible with Client First Settlement Funding.


Therefore, Client First Settlement Funding helps you meet your financial need by eliminating some of your monetary stress. This is in exchange for your right to a portion or all your annuity payments.

What is Client First Settlement Funding?


Based in Boca Raton, Florida, the company is privately owned and has been in operation since 2008. The financial services company founded by Burt Kroner is among the top sellers and buyers of structured settlement payments in the US. Burt Kroner worked with Singer Asset Finance Company in West Palm Beach, Florida, a company that purchased a structured amount from lottery winners. The lotteries winning structured settlement payment then resold to an investor at a markup.

By then, buyers of the structured settlement were corporations and institutions such as John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., Boston; Sun America, Los Angeles, and Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Co., Englewood, Colo. Today, individual investors can buy and sell structured settlement through brokers and annuity companies such as Client First Settlement Funding with ease.

Client First Settlement Funding gives a lifeline for anyone looking to sell:

  • Structured Settlements and Minors
  • Personal Injury Settlements
  • Structured Settlements and Divorce.

Sell your structured settlement for cash.


Yes, Client First Settlement Funding Company offers to expertize in reviewing structured annuity transactions. Also, the company determines how you can get more cash from your structured settlement. It is among the top innovators in the sector that offers clients a lifeline on their structured settlement for lump sums—everything in the exchange prices, putting you and your needs first.

Client First Settlement Funding expansion

Since 2008 the company has offered competitive rates on structured annuities in the US. In 2011, the Client First Settlement Funding received a boost through approval for a $270,000. The qualified target industry tax refund included a $54,000 local match from the city of Boca Raton to add 90 near jobs to 2014. In addition, the jobs were to have an average salary of $50,000.  As a result, Client First Settlement Funding has over 130 employees today. The company also signed a lease to double the size of its head office at 301 Yamato Road from 25,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet. Later in 2012, the company moved to Stonegate Bank plaza for additional space.

Client First Settlement Funding

Why sell your structured annuities with Client First Settlement Funding?


It is a common question of why people sell structured settlement annuity payments—a plan designed to elevate their financial statue. But life is constantly changing, and financial needs often change. Some events can be anticipated in life, while others are unforeseen, therefore “Life Happen” as they say.  Financial opportunity may arise between the onset of structure settlement payments and a few years into the periodic payments. As a result, the beneficially might need more money than the annuity payment provide. In other cases, the annuity holder may just want to change a life, and a lump sum payment would work out good for them. So Client First Settlement Funding provides a way out for annuity holder while creating an investment opportunity for others.

The company understands it is critical for the annuity holder always to have the financial resources you need. That is when you need them. Think of it; is it better to have a lump sum of money instead of waiting for periodic payments? Below are some critical reasons why claimants of personal injury case or lottery winners think of transferring their rights to annuities.

Buy a home

There is no sense in seeking a credit line that attracts interest rates and other charges while holding a structured settlement worth the new home. A lump sum may be just what you need to buy that home you want. As a result, you will save on the credit line and rent expenses. Besides, you can rent extra rooms for a steady income to replace the structured settlement payments.

Pay off or lower debt.

If your debts have piled up, why not seek yourself peace of mind by lowering or eliminating your outstanding bills? Besides, no need to hold a structured settlement payment for years while pending bills and loans collect interest. Therefore, explore whether it makes sense to transfer your right to a portion of your structured settlement payments for peace of mind. Sell a part of your structure settlement payments to stop accruing debts.

Finance education

Client First Settlement FundingPersonal injury structured settlement payment set for life or 30-40 years, depending on the beneficiary current age. So, in two years, your kids will be all grown up, and before you know it, they are standing college. College is expensive, and the periodic payment may not cover a lot. Thus, selling a part of all your future annuities can get you enough cash flow to finance education. You may decide you need to go back to school. Investing in your education or your kids’ education can help increase long-term earning over what the annuities pay over time. Therefore, selling a portion of the structured settlement payments for a lump sum is a better alternative to a student loan. However, this depends on your current and future financial situations. A student loan can weigh you down for years to come.

Starting a business

Which is a better option periodic payment over time and enormous profits from a business?  Therefore, if you have always wanted to be your boss, a lump sum would do you some good. In fact, selling your structured settlement is a splendid opportunity to know what it feels like to build something on your own.

Therefore, a structured settlement provides an opportunity for you to start your own business. However, you need skills and determination. Give Client First Settlement Funding company a call, and they will offer the funds you need. You can pursue your dreams through a lump sum in exchange for a portion or all your structured settlement payments.


Client First Settlement Funding specifics


Structured settlement payments or annuities through Client First Settlement Funding are a contract or an agreement. It is between an individual and an insurance company where the beneficiary receives period income payments for the insurance provider. Typically annuities are a financial product where an individual pays premium overtime, and after maturity, the insurance provider pays periodic income. Besides annuities associated with retirement planning, structured settlement annuities result of civil lawsuit compensation. Also, lottery winning can be designed in a structured settlement annuity payment instead of receiving the winning in a lump sum.

There are unique types of structured settlement payments in the United States. Americans own more than $1 trillion in annuities.

Exceptional things about structured settlement

The plaintiff may be lucky to have a say in how the annuity from their settlement to structured. However, many are forced to comply with the judge decision and not 100% happy with the outcome. Such a claimant can sell the annuities through Client First Settlement Funding company and access the lump sum. A plaintiff may like how the periodic payment structured for a while. And later finds that having access to a lump sum of cash is better. Therefore, selling some or all of your payments allows you more control of your cash flows. As a result, you can take advantage of anther financial opportunity.


Structured Settlement Annuities Tax benefits


Client First Settlement Funding

Structured settlement annuity payments received on account of a personal physical injury do not count as income for tax. The exemption applies to both the original amount invested by the defendant and any interest earned on it over time.

Also, any income from structured settlement payments does not affect eligibility for government programs such as:

  • Medicaid,
  • Social Security Disability benefits
  • Other forms of Government aid.

In fact, in the event of recipient death, the contract designated heir continues to receive future payments, tax-free.

Where annuities are structured to last for almost any length of time, the beneficiary can receive the payment right away or deferred for as many years as required. Besides, annuities can include scheduled lump-sum payouts, and the benefits increases to plan for future expenses.

In addition, the insurance company that issues the annuity guarantees the periodic payment, no matter the current or future financial situation. So, in the unlikely event, the insurance company becomes insolvent, the state insurance association still protects you from the loss.

These are some benefits that make structured settlement payment worth investment.

Diverse forms of structured settlement


The client first settlement funding company also trades in other annuity products. While there are just a few overarching characteristics of annuity payments, the number of annuity products can vary greatest. This is from things such as lottery and casino winning to charitable gifts.

Sell lottery structure settlement winnings.

If you are fortunate enough to win the lottery, you may be faced with the choice of accepting the money as a lump sum or annuity. The latter option involves setting up an annuity contract with the state lottery commission. Therefore the winner gets periodic payments over time for the winnings. While the annuity for lottery winning is like lawsuit structured payments, it is essential to note that the funds and interests earned are taxable. Therefore, you cannot hold the cash as a structured settlement to avoid taxation.

So, why would you defer lottery winnings to an annuity instead of taking a lump sum?  Consider the fact that people often spend their winnings fast and frivolously. Thus, opting for a structured settlement gives the winner ability to spread the payments out. Besides, this makes money benefit them in the long run.

Besides, depending on the terms of the annuity contract, the winner may earn interest on the periodic payments. In case the annuity differs for a longer time. If you had accepted the winning in a structured annuity, you could transfer the right through Client First Settlement Funding.  Get the best offer for your lottery winning annuity at Client First Settlement Funding company.

What of casino winning?

Not far off lottery winning annuities. In case you lucky enough to win big in casino gambling, you can receive structured payment or a one-time lump sum. However, to escape paying an enormous amount of tax immediately spread the winning into a structured settlement. Annuity payments require the winner to pay taxes as they receive the money, which can earn interest over time. Client First Settlement Funding company buys your periodic payment for a lump sum when you need to cash out.


Summary of Client First Settlement Funding


Client First Settlement Funding gives a lifeline for anyone looking to sell structured settlements for minor personal injury and divorce. The company also offers advice on structured settlements and divorce and inheritance.

They claim to offer one-to-one attention from an experienced consultant keeping costs down and pass the savings along to you. Besides, the company respects your settlement, your money, and your decision. And no surprises—the amounts they offer is the amount you receive. Through Client First Settlement Funding streamlined user-friendly processes, you will have your money in your pocket when you need it most.



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