Settlement advances, what are they? 

Settlement advances  Settlement advances, also known as pre-settlement funding or lawsuit advance, offer the plaintiffs access to money awaiting a settlement case. The pre-funding allows the affected individual to cover significant expenses mounting during the legal process. However, the pre-funding arrangement is controversial. The laws regulating the aspect of legal lending are unclear and warrant … Read more

Sell structured settlement payment

Sell structured settlement payment Are factored payments steams legal? Based on our recent posts about factoring payments, you can sell structured settlement payments. Transferring your rights due to your structured settlement is legal. But knowing you can transfer your rights due does not mean you should. There is a reason the court orders a portion, … Read more

Settlement Cash, what is it?

Settlement Cash According to the Corporate Finance Institute, there has been an increase in the entry of speculators into the derivatives market. The main reason for this influx is the introduction of cash settlements. Settlement cash breaks many trading barriers that used to prevent some people from participating in business transactions. It brings home the … Read more

Settlement funding, How does it work?

Settlement funding A victim waiting to receive a litigation settlement needs financial aid. A settlement funding may seem like a quick and easy way to meet once financial woes. Settlement funding helps the victim make ends meet, awaiting a lawsuit resolution. The funding is also known and “lawsuit advance,” “lawsuit funding,” “a lawsuit settlement loan,” … Read more