Life is like a roller coaster. At one point you are thrilled and next you became sad. For example, you graduated from college, which is one of the best moments that someone can experience. The next moment, your loved one died from a car accident. Let us focus on the car accident for now. The driver accidentally hit someone you loved, and now that person is fighting for his/her life. Just a small mistake spelled a disaster. What can the driver do to make things correct? The best answer will be to pay for the mistake he/she did. The driver can pay cash through the structured settlement but require a lump sum for operation. That is why we came up with this article and titled it as cash for structured settlement article.

Sometimes, the payment from the structured settlement is not enough for the operation costs and other medical expenses. What you are looking for is a lump sum amount. It depends upon the wrongful party, whether they choose structured settlement or lump sum. Most of them decide to pay through the structured settlement because it is easy to pay. On the other hand, you need a lump sum amount. You cannot force the wrongful party to pay you a lump sum amount, but there is a way through which you can get a lump sum amount. You can sell your structured settlement to a third party, and they will pay you a lump sum amount which you required. After reading cash for structured settlement article, you will learn how you can quickly sell your structured settlement.


What is a Structured Settlement?

To explain what is a structured settlement in cash for structured settlement article, we created an example to make it simple. Let us say person X was driving a car and accidentally hit person Y. Person Y is severely injured and needs an operation. The cost of surgery is too much to afford for person Y. To make things a little better, person X decides to pay to person Y for the damage that he did. However, the amount decided was too much for the person X to spend, so he decided to pay it through a structured settlement. Through the structured settlement, he will be paying a fixed amount for some specific time in a scheduled manner. Let us say that he will be paying $1K after every month for the next 20 years.

A structured settlement is a stream of payments paid to the injured party to make things right. Instead of paying a lump sum amount, the wrongful party decides to pay small amounts in a periodic vice. It will be easier for the wrongful party to pay and is suitable for the injured party as well.

If you take a look at the agreement, you will see the details as well as a series of payments given to the injured party as compensation for the damage that the responsible for wrong did to them. You must be wondering how it is better for the injured party? The spreading of money over a scheduled manner is like financial security since anyone can spend a single payout quickly. In simple words, a structured settlement provides financial protection to avoid consuming all the money quickly.


How Does Structured Settlement Works?


The next thing you will learn today (from cash for structured settlement article) is how structured settlement works? In a structured settlement, the payee will receive payments in a scheduled manner from the wrongful party. However, if we talk about legal settlements, they offer lump-sum payment. It means that the payee will receive the money one time but in a lump sum amount. There are a few differences between both annuity settlements. Firstly, a structured settlement offers payments over a periodic time manner; on the other hand, you will receive a one-time amount in the lump sum case.

Furthermore, structured settlement payments are tax-free. It means that the amounts you will receive will have no tax; in a few cases, things might be different. In the end, this decision is taken by the wrongful party (who caused the damage).


Universal Cases for Structured Settlement

To understand structured settlement, you need to understand what cases can lead to this settlement. We collected a few cases; however, this does not mean that they are the only cases where the wrongful party can decide to pay through a structured settlement. Below are some common cases where the court advises the wrongful to pay through a structured settlement.


Personal Injury

One of the most common cases is personal injury. It comes in the category of the civil case. In simple words, the injured party files a lawsuit seeking money from the responsible of wrong to make things right. The payments will be made periodically, which will help the person to pay all his or her medical bills.


Worker’s Compensation

The workplace does not mean a fantastic office with A.C and beautiful pictures and decoration. Sometimes, workplaces are very harsh, such as construction sites where there is a high chance of accidents. The structured settlement does not only the medical treatment for the injured worker, but also the wages. The company will keep paying the salary until he or she is okay and able to work again.


Medical Malpractice

Doctors are also human, and they can make a mistake. We all know that they should work impeccable, but sometimes, they also do commit errors. It can be made during an operation or giving wrong medical drugs which result in demise. A structured settlement is the best way to pay the demise’s family for the mistake that someone did.


Wrongful Death

Last but not least, one of the best ways to compensate for someone’s wrongful death is to pay their family through a structured settlement. In simple words, if someone dies because of someone’s fault, that person can pay the demise’s family in a scheduled manner. This way, the wrongful party can make things right.


How to Sell a Structured Settlement?


We would not finish the cash for structured settlement article without telling you how you can sell your structured settlement. Selling a structured settlement is simple. Many people think it is a complicated process, but it is not. You can quickly sell your structured settlement if you follow our guide. That is why we came up with a cash-for-structured settlement article to help you sell your structured settlement. Below is the process for selling a structured settlement.

Step 0: Think Before You Decide


This is step 0, and it is the most crucial step of all. You should think before you make a move. Many people decide in haste and later regret this for the rest of their lives. Ask yourself, do you need that lump sum amount? Think of your future because structured settlement guarantees a stream of payments for a lifetime, unlike lump sum. You will get paid only one time in the lump sum amount.

Let us retake the above example, person Y needs immediate surgery, but the money received from the structured settlement is not enough for the operation. Person Y requires a lump sum amount, but the wrongful party cannot provide a lump sum. In this case, selling a structured settlement will be the best decision. Person Y can sell his/her structured settlement to a third party to get the lump sum amount. That lump sum amount can help the person Y to pay all the medical bills.


Step 1: Research Buyers

If you want to sell your structured settlement at reasonable rates, then you need to research buyers. The best way to find buyers is through the internet. Take your time to research at least two buyers. Researching buyers is the base of selling a structured settlement. If you did lousy research even if you followed the rest of the guide in cash for structured settlement article, you would end up selling at bad rates.


Step 2: Get Free Quotes

After you researched all the buyers, the next step in our cash for structured settlement article is to get free quotes. Make sure that the company provides a free quote; otherwise, that company is useless for you. Ask all the companies for a free quote for the next step. Asking a free quote is okay, and you can tell the company that you are getting free quotes from other companies. Who knows that the other company offers you the best quote after knowing that you are also contacting other companies?


Step 3: Analyze the Data

Note down all the free quotes with the company name because now you will analyze it. You need to check which company is offering the best quote. It is not that hard as it sounds. When you choose the company, then here is a piece of advice, call them and verify the information again. It is like a cross-check to avoid mistakes.


Step 4: Paperwork

Like every selling agreement, you need to sign some documents in which you agreed to sell your structured settlement. You will get the paper from the buyer, which will say that you are selling your structured settlement to a third party. Before you even find a pen to sign those documents, make sure you read everything. If you see something unclear, call the company and do not hesitate to ask them.

If you find everything correct, then go ahead and sign those documents. Before submitting those documents, you need to attach a copy of your original structured settlement agreement. In case if you lost the structured settlement agreement, then you need to contact your insurance company. You need to place a request for a copy of the original structured settlement document, and within a day or two, you will get the copy.


Documents that you need

Below is the list of all documents that you need to sell your structured settlement:

  • 2 Identification forms
  • Complete application
  • Release agreement
  • A copy of the original structured settlement agreement

You need to submit these documents as soon as possible if you want to receive the cash quickly. The sooner you will submit these documents, the sooner you will receive the money.


Step 5: Get Court Approval

The next step is our cash for structured settlement article is to get the court’s approval. You need to visit a count and convince the judge that the decision you made is best for you. In a few cases, you might need to attend a court hearing. However, few companies (whom you are selling) will offer to represent you in the court on your behalf. You need to contact your company to find whether your company provides this service or not.


Step 6: Wait

When you submitted all the documents and got the court approval, now you need to wait. Basically, it takes 45 – 90 days for this process. Of course, you cannot expect to get money in a day or two. The whole documents go through a long process such as verification of documents, etc. In a few states, you will be allowed a “cooling period.” The government of those states gives you some time to rethink your decision. On the other hand, in other states, you cannot complete the whole process without a professional assessment of the buyer’s sale. These steps are an excellent initiative the government takes to make sure that people rethink their decision.



After reading this cash for structured settlement article, you know everything that you need to sell your structured settlement. Always remember, you need to think before you act. In some cases, getting payments from structured settlement might be better than the lump sum amount. Many people regret their decision after selling their structured settlement. That is why we came up with cash-for-structured settlement articles to alert our readers so that they do not make any mistake.



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